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Ultra lift

Ultra lift
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Item number : Rob034
Quantity : 50 ml
Frequency : Ponctual use for lift effect on skin
How to use : Apply a little nuts on the areas to treat face, neck, hands, let it soak and dry the cream before applying make-up.
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Offers a natural face-lift alternative for mature skin and maintains optimal moisture in young skin. АMIPORINE™ is the first hydrating and restructuring active component, entirely natural, preservative-free and stabilised in vegetable glycerine. It makes a revolution in the world of cosmetic skin care through stimulation of the cell’s metabolism by the most essential element of life–water. Combined with the purest and most precious and unique essential oil in the world - Bulgarian rose oil, the skin is revitalized, nourished and hydrated, while wrinkles are smoothed, revealing radiant, younger, smoother and suppler-looking skin.


100% natural product - Our engagement :
• preservative free
• no petroleum-based products added
• paraben free
• no synthetic colours
• no synthetic fragrances
• silicon free
• mineral oil free
• alcohol free 

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