Rose oil rose soap of Bulgaria Royal rose
  • Rose oil rose soap of Bulgaria Royal rose

Roseoil soap 100 gr Royal rose


(€2.30 100 gr)

This soap is made with bulgarian rose oil and mixed with small exfoliating balls of dried damascena flowers of roses having a natural scrub effect on the skin and eliminating dead skin during washing ...

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A natural vegetable soap, enriched with a concentrate of Bulgarian rose oil and argan oil, to cleanse delicately and gently any type of skin.

It contains delicate exfoliating small fractions from dry damascena rose flower of the Bulgarian oleaginous rose, with favorable relaxing fragrance.

It is enriched with glycerin, appropriate for delicate and sensitive skin.

Technical informations :

Reference : Rob019b

Expiry date (after opening, PAO) : 12 months
Paraben-free, damascena rose oil & damascena rose water naturally distilled with steam

Packaging : carton box, Recyclable

Scent : rose bouquet

Color : light pink

Animal testing : no

How to use : Use frequent shower and bath, also suitable for sink

Frequency : daily (morning and / or evening)

INCI Certificate : Available

Main functions : Cleaning the body and face (exfoliation function of dead skin)

Made in Bulgaria in the valley of roses, guarantee.

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