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Rose water

Rose water
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Item number : Rob033
Quantity : 125 ml
Frequency : Everyday use
How to use : Maintenance of the skin before applying a cream, put rose water on a cotton pad and apply against the face to thoroughly clean and degrease the skin, two applications if necessary.
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Rosewater is a natural product with an anti-inflammatory, softening and anti-allergic action.


This precious elixir effectively tones and soothes skin while cleansing.

It is suitable even for very sensitive and irritated skin and only a few drops create a sense of luxury, hydrate, rejuvenate and heal in the gentlest way. Rose 100% water has a beneficial and healing effect when rubbed in the roots of dry and broken hair, in compresses for irritated eyes, against toothache, oral cavity, throat and gum inflammations.

Since ancient times, it is used as a food supplement cleaning the liver and the digestive system. It energizes the body and relaxes the nervous system. Cooking use possible.

100% natural product - Our engagement :
• preservative free
• no petroleum-based products added
• paraben free
• no synthetic colours
• no synthetic fragrances
• silicon free
• mineral oil free
• alcohol free 

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