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Gift set 10

Gift set 10
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Item number : Rob0G10
Quantity : 100 gr, 75 ml & 330 ml
Frequency : Every day
How to use : See , Shower gel, soap for man and shaving cream
Price : 10.20 €
Description :

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Soap for Men 100 gr :

A luxurious cosmetic soap for men. Delicately clean in depth the skin, keeps its moisture and makes it soft, elastic and smooth. A perfect combination of delicate washing effect and typical long-term man roma. Natural rose water, included in the ingredients, is incredibly rich in active substances, which stimulate the regeneration and strengthen the preventive functions of the skin. It contains soft exfoliating wheat fragments and dry lavender blossoms

Without PARABEN, Soap for men

SHOWER GEL 330 ml :

Shower gel, energy and vigor inspiring with strong aroma, it “washes” away the strain and helps feeling the vitality. It will refresh you and will recharge you with energy.
A Shampoo with optimal balance from natural extracts and modern technologies for the hair care. It contains natural Rose water, which is incredibly rich in active substances, stimulating the regeneration and strengthening the protective skin functions. Thanks to the included biologically active complex in the content, the Shower gel 2 in 1 softens and moisturizes actively the hair and the skin, creating a feeling of comfort and mildness for all the day.

Without PARABEN, Shower gel for men


For light, fast and pleasant shaving. Makes abundant and hard to dry up foam. It has pleasantly cooling effect and fragrance. It contains natural rose water with anti bacterial and soothing properties like glycerin to soothed the skin after shaving.

Without PARABEN, shaving cream

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