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The new perfume Lilyrose of ROSE of BULGARIA

Lylirose le parfum

Lilyrose is the new perfume 100% made in France by rose of bulgaria. Exclusively after 2 years of search, analyse focusing on rosa damascena p. miller the brand rose of bulgaria is going to launch in current June 2012, this year, their new perfume, 100 ml, rose perfume, manufactured in south of France, near GRASSE, in their provence site. The sharing west European brand will be Rbg PARIS alias ROSE OF BULGARIA, PARIS. The perfume and cosmetics industry in France is the best in the world that is why the brand decided to implement a part of their production in this world Area.

Rbg gets 3 targets this year, firstly launch with good success the new Rbg Paris brand, with this new Lilyrose perfume, but also 3 new organic cosmetics packaged in Airless with piston 50 ml according USDA norm to conquest the USA market, those new face creams will be ; one day cream ; one night cream ; and one instant lightening cream, also thirdly one pure organic steamed rose water (rosa Damascena p. miller) in spray bottle of 200 ml,  all made in France and well designed.

The company Rbg Paris are interrested in first time to sell their products essentially in West European market, north America, Japon, South Korea and then extend to Russia and south America. Middle east Area is a hudge and interresting market some distributors are today already motivated to work for Rbg Paris development.


Lylirose the perfume

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Lilyrose will be the new star of the brand soon, with a high class 15% fragrance, this perfume based notes from the rose mixed gently to some other typical south France flowers, will be well designed packaging as French touch design. Shall it touch the deep heart of men while discrete ladies will move in their active lifes. Lilyrose is a proove of delicatness and smoothy rose petal can be, you love it or you hate it, but let you in deep thought always.

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