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The many practical uses of rose oil and rose water for a better well being

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You are what you put on your skin. It really makes sense that you only use something as beautiful as a rose on your skin. The beauty of today’s technology is that you only need your fingertips to do the walking to have access to the best rose oil cosmetics in the market. 

Roses are not just pretty, they can give you bliss and create a better well being. It can be applied practically to any lifestyle that promotes good health. Ingrents such as rose oil and rose water have properties that are valuable and derived from real flowers.

Getting a small jar of rose oil would entail distilling a huge quantity of petals. It could be very costly but, luckily, only a few amounts are needed for it to be effective. Some of the health benefits of a Rose Essential Oil include anti depressant, anti septic, anti viral, astringent, laxative, and aphrodisiac. It can calm the nerves and reduce stress. It has shown positive effects on peptic ulcers and heart disease. It can be used with abandon and you can expect no side effects.

Rose oil and rose water are direct products of distillation. It could be derived from three varieties of roses—Rosa Centifolia, Rosa Gallica, and Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. The oil from the Damascena line is also known as “rose otto” or attar of roses. The flower is considered the best oil-bearing rose in the whole world. It is sourced from the Rose Valley, otherwise known as Kazanlak Valley. The whole process of its distillation can be traced back to 300 years.

Using rose oil cosmetics have a lot of benefits especially if used on the skin. Not only has it been proven clinically to improve dry, sensitive, or aging skins, it also has a long line of history telling of its legendary effectiveness. It is suitable for all skin types. However, you have to make sure that the product you are going to use or currently using has a natural rose essence because the synthetic ones have no therapeutic use. 

Including products with rose water into your beauty routine will go a long a way. Irritated skins can be easily soothed by it. Its tonic and antiseptic qualities can cleanse the skin. It can make the appearance of pores shrink in a considerable size leaving your skin look smoother that its appearance can be compared to a baby’s!

The Rose of Bulgaria has taken advantage of the properties of otto roses and applied it into its rose oil cosmetics. It has been clinically proven that it has properties that can regenerate the skin and hair leaving it fresh, nourished, and looking young. It allows users to have the benefits of the beautiful rose without having to go through the trouble of distillation. makes out the wellness of the rose of bulgaria on your skin, anti aging, rose water, damask rose oil and rose essential oil from the rosa damascena and rose otto. Discover more of how Rose of Bulgaria cosmetics can help to have a youthful skin.


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