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Romantic candlelight dinner for Valentine’s Day

Creating a romantic candlelight dinner for your partner is the best way to show them your love and express your feelings!
This is the perfect day of the year to surprise your loved ones.
Choose your romantic dinner menu and enjoy the most romantic dinner for two in the comfort of your own home!

Find out what food your partner loves, and create the night around it.
Do they like seafood? Chinese?  Italian? If you don't know, find out from a friend or family member.

Create The Mood

* Play something sentimental in the background to set the mood.
* Use candles to enhance the romantic atmosphere. Scented candles work great. Try finding scented candles you know they'll LOVE.
* Do some decorating. Use their favourite flowers to fill the room with colour (deep red is a nice choice).
* Scatter rose peddles along certain areas of the floor - like around the dinner table. Or make a pathway leading from the door to the table.
Enjoy the atmosphere! Your partner will never forget the romantic night!



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