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Did you know how the rose oil is made?


Traditionally it is believed that Arab chemists were the first to find a way to produce useable perfume oils from roses.

Today the best oil is produced in France and Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the largest producer of Rose Otto.

Did you know that it takes approximately 60,000 roses to make one ounce of rose oil?

Rose oil commands a very high price, because it is so hard to extract.

The harvesting of the buds is done by hand before sunrise and the petals are used to create oil and scent extracts the very same day.

There are three current methods of getting oil out of the rose petals:

- Extraction by a solvent (with analcohol mixture that is evaporated under low pressure, leaving the purescent extract behind)

- Extraction by steam distilling – using large stills filled with rose petals and water

- Extraction via superficial carbon dioxide – the most expensive method that uses a gas at normal pressures

The rose oil extracted from the rose petals is used for producing parfums, face, body and hand creams, massage oils etc.
While the cost of rose oil is expensive, it only takes a drop or two for results.


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