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Why use Organic skin products?

In an effort to protect their hair, skin, nails from the harmful chemicals, a lot of people have begun to switch to organic hair products as well as organic skin products.

Organic products use natural ingredients, mostly from plants, without artificial additives.


These products contain phytonutrients, also known as antioxidants, and an assortment of vitamins and minerals all beneficial to your health.


They are also free of harmful chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides.


Organic hair products and organic skin products can eliminate the amount of harmful toxins that our bodies are consuming through our scalp, hair and skin.


You can see our collection of organic products here.


The caracteristics of our organic products : 

• preservative free
• no petroleum-based products added
• paraben free
• no synthetic colours
• no synthetic fragrances
• silicon free
• mineral oil free
• alcohol free


These products can still cause allergies, so if you are allergic to certain plant based ingredients please be careful.


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