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Anti-age Q10 cream

Anti-age Q10 cream
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Item number : Rob028
Quantity : 75 ml
Frequency : Every day use
How to use : Apply with circular mouvement on all the face.
Price : 15.30 €
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The anti-aging cream is with stimulating, moisturizing and rejuvenating effect.

It increases the freshness and the vitality and it improves the whole condition of the skin, thanks to the included biopeptid into the ingredients, which increases the collagen synthesis with more than 300%.

- The rose water, is incredibly rich in active substances, which stimulate the regeneration and strengthen the preventive functions of the skin.
- It contains an extract from a green tea, which acts anti-inflammatory, strengthening, with anti-oxidant and photo-preventive effect.
- The included Makademia oil into the ingredients of the cream, has a strong hydrating and restructuring effect with high permeability
- Vitamin E as a strong anti-oxidant, blocks the activity of the free radical, slows down the oxidizing processes in the cells, eliminates the dryness and the peeling of the skin. 

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