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    The Eye cream Hyaluronic & Rose oil, Rbg Paris (c), French manufacture, is enriched with the both precious rose water & rose oil distillated by steam from petals of the rosa damascena, this eye cream is a true natural free parben pro-care anti-aging, soft lift effect, moisturizing & relaxing ...

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    Fragrance notes : Vanilla, bulgarian rose damascena, passion fruit and jasmin sambac

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    Fragrance notes : bergamot, jasmine, rose damascena p. miller Bulgaria, iris and amber

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    This rose water & rose oil serum allows a deep restructuring of the skin, it contains a natural anti-aging like rose oil, collagen, natural marine elastin & silanol (silicon restructuring). Our formula is developed with an active tensor and makes your skin smooth, toned and well hydrated in depth ...

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    The intense day cream from Rbg Paris is made in France, is enriched with precious damascena rose water from Bulgaria, this day cream is a real anti-aging treatment that smooths the skin and restores structure to the face in everyday life  ...

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    The gentle night cream enriched with precious damascena rose water from Bulgaria, shea butter and other nourishing active ingredients, helps the skin regain elasticity and firmness throughout the night ...

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    This natural rose water is produced by natural steam distillation of the rose petals freshly collected manually flower by flower ...

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    Cream for hands with natural rose water, fast absorption, improves the tone and elasticity of the skin and keeps hands beautiful and young, avoid stains ...

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    This anti-aging day cream, 3 functions in one application, enriched with precious damascena rose water, is a true anti-aging treatment, lightening, and protects from the solar rays SPF 30 with natural & mineral protection ...

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