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Anti age cream rose oil collagen +


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Paraben free, no animal testing, made in France.

The Antiaging serum Hyaluronic & Rose oil, Rbg Paris (c), French manufacture, is enriched with the both precious rose water & rose oil distillated by steam from millions of petals manually collected of the rosa damascena, this smooth anti age serum is a true natural free parben pro-care anti-aging, soft lift effect, moisturizing & toning with hyaluronic formula.

This serum is also a deep skin restructuring,  it contains a natural anti age as rose oil, collagen, natural marine elastin & Silanol (silicon restructuring). Our formula is developed with a tensor active and makes your skin smooth, tonic & well moisturized with the natural rose water.

Antiage cream hyaluronic & Rose oil is a combination of natural extracts of damascena rose oil & rose water, several plants, hyaluronic acid, collagen, marine elastin and silanol increase the deep moisturizing of the skin. After few days, the skin regains radiance & youth. Hyaluronic acid help to eliminate the old cells and natural collagen enhances active skin tension.

Composition :

Water rosa Damascena, as well as the essential oil of Rosa Damacena, promotes hydration and accelerates the regeneration of cells. Rose water & rose oil of rose damascena grown in the "Valley of Roses" in Bulgaria, this is the optimal region and conditions for the culture of the best roses in this world, beyond its olfactory appeal has anti-aging and natural cell regenerative.

Natural Hydrolyzed Collagen : As the body gets older, our collagen levels naturally decrease. Hydrolyzed Collagen enhances active tension of the skin and repairs damaged skin cells, maintains a good level of hydration inside the cells.

Silanol (Silicon) : Silanol technology results in a family of cosmetic compounds in which all members share a core of organic silicium (silicon). The role of this organic silicium is to ensure an optimal skin architecture by interacting with structure proteins (collagen and elastin fibres) within the dermis tissue.

Hyaluronic Acid : Deep moisturizing & maintains the water balance of the skin.

Natural marin elastin : Tones, firms and renews skin elasticity naturally.
Vitamin E : a powerful natural anti-oxidant, vitamin E prevents skin  also aging.

Clinical tests performed : Stability and homogeneity cream, challenge test, tests of tolerance eyes and skin. No animal tests. Formulation and testing, 100% French manufacturing, ingredients : rosewater damascena and pure rosa damascena oil from Bulgaria (CONTROLLED origin).

Technical informations :

Reference : Rob005b

Best before (after open the jar, PAO) : 9 months

PARABEN FREE, rose water and damascena rose oil naturally distilled with steam

Packaging : Bottle glass pump of 50 ml, carton box with cellophane. Recyclable.

Scent : Rose couture

Color of the cream : Ultra white

Animal tested : No

How to use :  Take small nuts of cream in hands and apply with circular mouvements on face, neck

Frequency : daily (morning and / or evening)

Inci certificate : Available

Main effect : intense hydration of the skin, treatment of wrinkles, anti-wrinkle by improvement of the tonicity of the skin, restructuring in depth, cellular regeneration reinforced by rose oil.

Made in France, certified.

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Crème super top !

J'ai enfin trouvé un soin pas trop cher avec de réels effets sur ma peau, très nourrissante, parfaite pour atténuer les ridules qui apparaissent souvent trop tôt !!! elle sent super bon, à essayer franchement !!!

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Super antiage cream !

Super antiage cream and really affordable !


Order of antiage cream collagen +

I have received my parcel thank you very much. Just to say that we are so happy with your rose products, We are purchasing them for years now and you never let us down! Also thank you for the little gifts you send us everytime :) The quality is fantastic. Thanks


Smooth anti-age

This serum is good and i advice to all lady would like a day anti age care smotth with a delicat rose scent ! It also a really good quality price (u can buy by 2 cream in promotion page).



I love the scent of this cream, it works very well on my skin specially for the neck. I use also the eye cream hyaluronic with lift effect with same scent.


Serum anti age à l'huile de rose

Boite très sobre à la française, rose fushia à l’intérieur conforme à cette marque que j'ai découvert il y a peu de temps ! j'adore ! la crème est onctueuse et je l'applique sur tout mon visage et cou, je l'utilise comme crème de jour hydratante, et franchement l'odeur à la rose à la fois discrète est envoûtante. Ce soin à la rose pénètre bien et hydrate super bien, j'en dit que du bien autour de moi. un seul petit reproche il reste toujours un peu de produit en fin de flacon et on est obligé de démonter la pompe pour finir le produit, mais bon c'est un détail. Vraiment bravo à la marque RBg et longue vie à vous !!!! Je mets 5 étoiles à ce produit ! en plus en pack de 2 son prix est vraiment cool !


Antiaging face cream

I use it everyday, i love it, this cream is so smooth and really effective,after 15 days my wrinkles around eyes has been attenuated! You can buy in pack of 2 in sepcials.


Rose cosmetics made in France

I use this new face cream for daily hydratation and i advice it because i love the effects, it really a very fast penetration into the skin, and the cream is between a serum and antiage face cream, i mean not too thick. I really advice it for testing a while. The price is really afordable.


Rose collagen cream

I love it and it is very efficient. I received also plenty of perfumes and cream sashets to test ! So nice


Rose anti aging cream

Unbelievable roseoil cream smooth on face ! scent fine and natural. I love it !

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Anti age cream rose oil collagen +

Anti age cream rose oil collagen +

This rose water & rose oil serum allows a deep restructuring of the skin, it contains a natural anti-aging like rose oil, collagen, natural marine elastin & silanol (silicon restructuring). Our formula is developed with an active tensor and makes your skin smooth, toned and well hydrated in depth ...

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