How to protect your skin in winter days with natural rose of Bulgaria

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The winter months are coming and you already know that the skin needs extra care in winter days. Cold temperatures and indoor heating make a bad combination and leave the skin dry and rough.  But with proper regular rose care you can achieve a smooth and healthy skin even during this cold period. The dermatologists offer you some good advices for winter skin care so you can meet and ask them advices.

You have to pay attention both on the inside beauty, like the food you are consuming every day, and on the outside factors such as the skin care products you are using.

You can find below some advices and you can try to use them and see the effects on your skin:

1. Take care of the food you eat and drink lots of water

Skin receives its resources from the food your body is getting. Try to provide the body with enough Vitamin C and Vitamin E which can be found in citrus fruits and leafy vegetables. The water is also very important for the hydratation of the skin so try to drink between 8-10 glasses of water each day. You can drink also rose water.

2. Use a humidifier.

The indoor heating has a dehydrating effect on the skin. You can help your skin with a humidifier that adds moisture to the air. Try to use a humidifier in your bedroom at night, when you're spending most of your time there.

3. Moisturize daily

Use a moistuirizer. No matter what your skin condition, it will most likely need extra nutrients during the winter season. Use an overnight moisturizer or a light daytime moisturizer to help seal the skin's natural moisture and supplement it.

4. The hand skin suffers most in winter so keep it hydrated.

Apply thick hand cream each night before bed to keep your hands soft and wear gloves when going out.

5. You need to use lip balm or lip gloss at all times to keep them moisturized and to prevent drying, sunburn and windburn.

6.Use eye cream

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Protecting it with an eye cream will keep it from being dry and irritated from cold temperatures. Use gentle creams, not anti aging ones (they can be irritating in the winter).

7. Use body lotions regularly after bath

As soon as you step out of the shower, apply an all-body moisturizing lotion. This will help keep the rest of your skin soft and healthy through the winter.

If you apply at least three of the above given advices you will benefit the effects on your skin day after day.

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