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Gift set 9

Gift set 9
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Item number : Rob0G9
Quantity : 75 ml and 2x230 ml
Frequency : Every day
How to use : See body balsam, shower gel and hand cream
Price : 10.20 €
Description :

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SHOWER GEL 230 ml :

 Tender and delicate shower gel for everyday body hygiene. Washes efficaciously without disturbing the physiological skin balance. It contains the unique Bulgarian natural rose water with high contents of ether rose oil, which gives excellent tolerance and antibacterial characteristics. It doesn’t irritate and dehydrates skin, insures long feeling of cleanliness and comfort

Without PARABEN, Exist also in single shower gel 230 ml

BODY BALSAM 230 ml :

The body balsam is created on natural bases containing the unique damask rose water with high contents of ether rose oil. It has anti-allergic and smoothening effect. It contains Vitamin E and rosemarine. It hydrates and feeds up the skin intensively and lastingly making it soft, delicate and velvety sleek.

Without PARABEN, Exist also in body balsam 330 ml

HAND CREAM 75 ml :

It contains natural rose water with anti bacterial and soothing properties. Due to the almond oil, the glycerin, the marigold and rosemarine extracts, hand skin is intensively fed up, softened and protected from the injurious atmospheric influences. This cream gives unique sensation for comfort and elasticity of the dry and depleted skin.

Without PARABEN, hand cream

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