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Rosewater hair shampoo

€ 4,70

(€ 1,42 100 ml)

This Bulgarian rose water shampoo has been especially created for sensitive hair ...

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The natural damask rose water with high contents of ether of rose oil is a unique component in this specially created shampoo.

It has antibacterial properties, cleans, refreshes and gives life to hair.

It contains D- panthenol that feeds up and hydrates hair, making it shiny and soft.

Technical informations :

Reference : Rob0016

Best before (after open the jar, PAO) : 12 months

PARABEN FREE, rosa damascena water, steam distillation

Packaging : plastic bottle of 330 ml with easy opening cap. Recyclable.

Scent : Natural rose bouquet

Color : Slightly pink, not transparent

Animal tested : No

How to use :  Apply in the hair using the hands after wetting the hair, 2 applications if needed.

Frequency : every 2 days (morning or evening)

Inci certificate : Available

Main effect : Hair cleaning (antibacterial function), nourishes and moisturizes.

Made in Bulgaria certified, Rose valley

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