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    Fragrance notes : Fresh rose, damask rose. Made for working lady's handbag.

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    Fragrance notes : Fresh rose, damask rose

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  • 12,60 € In Stock

    This bulgarian rosewater massage cream provides a great relaxing effect. Improves blood circulation for increased cell renewal. Leaves skin silky and gentle. Delivers a long-lasting fragrance to body skin, giving a unique feeling of comfort and fineness, adapted for rose therapy in beauty institute ...

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  • 10,60 € In Stock

    This cream specially designed for everyday use in areas of the body or skin relaxes, reshapes, strengthens, firmens the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, breasts and prevents the "orange peel" arriving with age ...

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  • 9,30 € In Stock

    Nourishing mask, specially formulated to meet the needs of dry, dull hair with split ends, damaged by aggressive mechanic and chemical treatment – lightening, perming, vigorous combing, sun radiation ...

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    The body balsam is created on natural bases containing the unique bulgarian damask rose water, hydrates and feeds up the skin intensively and lastingly making it soft, delicate and velvety sleek ...

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  • 4,30 € In Stock

    This Bulgarian rose water shampoo has been especially created for sensitive hair ...

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  • 4,90 € In Stock

    The natural bulgarian rose water with high contents of ether of rose oil is a unique component in this conditioner, which combined with the special feeding components and vitamins guarantee toughness and beauty of your hair ...

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  • 3,90 € In Stock

    This rosewater of bulgaria shower gel contains the unique Bulgarian natural rose water with high contents of ether rose oil, which gives excellent tolerance and antibacterial characteristics ...

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  • 1,90 € In Stock
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    This soap is hand-made and carefully mixed with small exfoliating balls of dried flowers of roses having a natural scrub effect on the skin and eliminating dead skin during washing ...

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  • 3,20 € In Stock
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    This moisturizing rose hand cream, smooth and soft to the touch, contains natural rose water, an anti-bacterial and a formulation with soothing properties ...

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  • 2,90 € In Stock

    Special formula, extremely mild and delicate to the skin of hands. Enriched with floral rose water, the liquid soap does not destroy the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, does not irritate or dry it ...

    2,90 €
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Toont 1 - 12 van de 24 items