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First a little bit of history : The Chinese authorities have simplified the import of non-special use cosmetics by starting a pilot program in Shanghai Pudong New Area in 2017 to allow for a filing only process. This Pudong pilot scheme was extended on a nationwide basis in 2018. The cosmetics industry in China is high growth, expanding 21% since 2014.

So Rbg Paris perfumes and rose cosmetics took recently profit to enter this huge market, the famous brand in Asia, Rbg Paris took advantage of the reputation of the made in France quality.

The distributor Beijing Renhe Lutai Trading Co. Ltd selected by Rbg Paris is a very famous office in Beijing who leads the cosmetic and perfume distribution in China. A commercial contract has been signed up with id distribution the company owner of the rose cosmetic Rbg Paris. This contract has been signed for 5 years with a solid business plan introducing the brand step by step, the brand will be first sold on the top 5 websites in China as Youzan and in a second step in mall luxury shops as corner Rbg Paris desk. A good new for all chinese ladies !

See below a picture of chinese website youzan.com  

Beijing Renhe Lutai Trading Co. Ltd prepared the brand to introduce the chinese market with a nice collection of special pictures, also with precise text translation to adapt the french rose brand to the chinese culture and market.

The very famous and so special formula of the day cream 3 in 1 Rbg Paris will be a big success because first chinese ladies they well know the reputation and the effects of the rose cosmetics and also they use the whitening complexion to make white or lighter their skin, in the asian culture to be white is more seducing and attractive. The advantage of this day cream rose complex, first action, makes lighter the skin with natural ingredients as Kombuchka roots, the smooth rose water gives effect anti-age with the famous beech bud extract, and then inside you can protect your skin from the sun UV, spf 30 only at this time (spf 50+ in a second time), with a so special natural UV screen made of titanium stones.

Find out now the day cream 3 in 1 Rbg Paris

B. Duval the owner of this brand and specialist in physcs got a genius idea and invent this treatment following is instinct while he was living/travelling through asian coiuntries and  Beijing, China in 2008, while olympic games. he, also, used to  follow by the way, the steps of the ancient japanese whitening treatment.  The complex daily face cream combines, 3 effects in one, because he observes while he was in a yellow taxi in town center of Shanghai that chinese ladies was using umbrella or big sun hats to protect their face from the UV rays of the sun, so to integrate a sun protection was an evidence for him. This complex was born after few study in the laboratory and many test to guaranty the maximum effects of the rose cream in only 10 days of treatment. Also to combine this smooth cream with the famous bulgarian rose water what the chinese ladies love was a perfect idea and so genius; was not it !

We just wish a big success that this bulgarian rose brand deserves in the nearest future in the big country as China.

Also all the perfumes Rbg Paris (lilyrose collectors and also others) and the hand made soaps will be distributed.

Discover the Rbg Paris brand sold in China.  

Original article from perfume designer made in France website blog 07/2019

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