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2019-05-06 Edith (France)

Q2 / Rose water: Is it true that natural rose water attenuates blood (ruby) angiomas ?, Edith

JULIA's answer:

Hello Edith,
Thank you for your question,

Already define a blood angioma as "vascular angioma": The angioma is a red spot located on the face or on the body, the angioma is frequent: more than one out of ten children is concerned by this problem. Knowing that it is more annoying on the child's face than on the body.

It is true that it is often said that natural rose water significantly reduces blood angiomas, however, know that this type of angioma can also disappear on its own and be absorbed, but it is not certain at all shots. The natural steamed rose water can be used on the angioma twice a day, it absolutely can not affect the maintenance of sensitive skin in this place.

However it must be respected the following dosages, the natural rose water as rose oil (roseotto) are certainly natural but active products.

For a baby, young child under 3 years, we advice to dilute rose water to 50% with mineral water.
For a child between 3 and 10 years, dilute to 30% (70% rose water and supplement with mineral water).

Apply on the angioma a few moments with a cotton. Leave for a minute, morning and evening.

Do not expose the angioma to sunlight (to avoid). It is necessary to be patient but the angioma can be resorbed significantly after several months even years.

If this treatment is unsatisfactory, see a specialist doctor, who will provide a more accurate diagnosis that can go as far as surgery (ablation, or localized lazer).

If you have other questions, do not hesitate.



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