Questions of our customers .... Does bulgarian rosewater smell rosewood ?

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2020-19-05 Sabine (Belgium)

Q4 / Best, In the meantime I have received my order well, thank you. I also really like the "Giftset" with the samples of blissful face creams and special scents!

Only the bottle with Pure rosewater (Rob013) is disappointing. This should also smell delicious of roses, on the contrary it smells pretty bad, as if this product has expired?

What do you advise me? Regards, Sabine

JULIA's answer:

Hello Sabine,
Thank you for your questions,

Damascena rose water with rose fragrance smells like rose wood and your product has not expired at all, our rose water is completely pure of distillation, see this bugarian rose water process of distillation by steam :

Options : If the fragrance is too strong for you, you can dilute the rose water in simple mineral water 50/50 or more, you will have twice as much product, but the fragrance will be slightly reduced.

If this is your first time using rose water, it is true that the fragrance of rosewood can suprise you, but all pure rosewater smell the rosewood, rose water does not smell the rose bouquet ... sorry for this !!

Good day, hoping to keep you as a regular client!
If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.



Pure Bulgarian Rose water

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