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  • 7,60 € In Stock
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    The cream erases the dark spots, prevents from secondary pigmentation, makes lighter the complexion of the face, slows down the production of melanin in the skin ...

    7,60 €
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  • 8,90 € In Stock
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    The delicate zone around the eyes needs special cares, as the skin there is very soft, it does not contain greasy cells the wrinkles appears there first. The cream is easily absorbed, it hydrates in depth and makes the thin lines smooth in the delicate zone around the eyes ...

    8,90 €
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  • 13,20 € In Stock
    4 Review(s)

    The Eye cream Hyaluronic & Rose oil, Rbg Paris (c), French manufacture, is enriched with the both precious rose water & rose oil distillated by steam from petals of the rosa damascena, this eye cream is a true natural free parben pro-care anti-aging, soft lift effect, moisturizing & relaxing ...

    13,20 €
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  • 14,90 € In Stock
    3 Review(s)

    A dominant accent in the active ingredients of this antiaging cream Co-enzyme Q10 has, which improves the elasticity of the skin and visibly decreases the depth of the wrinkles ...

    14,90 €
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  • 20,50 € In Stock

    This rose face cream slows down the process of skin aging, regenerates and moisturizes, leaving skin radiant and refreshed. It contains pure rose oil & rose water ...

    20,50 €
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  • 22,50 € In Stock
    10 Review(s)

    This rose water & rose oil serum allows a deep restructuring of the skin, it contains a natural anti-aging like rose oil, collagen, natural marine elastin & silanol (silicon restructuring). Our formula is developed with an active tensor and makes your skin smooth, toned and well hydrated in depth ...

    22,50 €
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  • 5,10 € In Stock

    This cream nourishes and reinforces daily the vital functions of your face. Promotes blood circulation in tonic and regular application. Can also be used for legs after waxing or shaving ...

    5,10 €
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  • 7,10 € In Stock

    Unlike the night cream, this rosewater day cream not only hydrates but stimulates the bloodstream of the face, while protecting your face from bad weather or pollution. It can be applied several times a day ...

    7,10 €
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  • 11,70 € In Stock
    1 Review(s)

    The intense day cream from Rbg Paris is made in France, is enriched with precious damascena rose water from Bulgaria, this day cream is a real anti-aging treatment that smooths the skin and restores structure to the face in everyday life  ...

    11,70 €
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  • 7,40 € In Stock

    This night cream is made entirely from natural extracts of plants and contains natural bulgarian rosewater, it soothes, nourishes, restructures and prepares the skin for the following day ...

    7,40 €
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  • 13,50 € In Stock

    The gentle night cream enriched with precious damascena rose water from Bulgaria, shea butter and other nourishing active ingredients, helps the skin regain elasticity and firmness throughout the night ...

    13,50 €
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  • 5,30 € In Stock

    This cream with roses of Bulgaria is specially formulated for the sensitive skins of the children, it has a moisturizing power allowing to limit the dryness of the skin ...

    5,30 €
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Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items