Hair shampoo Royal rose
  • Hair shampoo Royal rose

Hair shampoo Royal rose

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Hair shampoo Royal rose for every type of hair ...

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Hair shampoo Royal rose for every type of hair that combines nourishing qualities of Argan oil and protective effects of the famous bulgarian rose oil.

Contains D-panthenol, which regenerates and hydrates the hair, giving it silky shine and softness. Suitable for frequent use.

The "Royal Rose" Shampoo includes - Active ingredients:

Bulgarian rose oil has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the scalp, at the same time regains the beauty and vitality of the hair;

Argan oil - regulates the retention of moisture in hair, increases the protective features of styling devices and UV rays, helps for easier shaping, prevents hair breakage;

Jar of 300 ml - Parabens FREE.

How to use :  Apply in the hair using the hands after wetting the hair, 2 applications if needed.

Frequency : every 2 days (morning or evening)

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