Gift set 10 - Rose of bulgaria for men


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This gift set contains :

  • One shower gel for men Rose of bulgaria 330 ml

This daily use shower gel tones your skin and gives you energy and vitality. It washes gently and refreshes you. This product is universal and also allows the hair to be washed. It contains :

- natural rose water, rich in active substances, stimulates regeneration and strengthens the vital functions of the skin. The fragrance remains unique and masculine.

- complex biological products.

This 2 in 1 shower gel softens and moisturizes the hair and activates the skin, creating a feeling of comfort and softness for the whole day.

Without Paraben

  • One soap rose of bulgaria for men 100 grs

A cosmetic and noble soap for men. It cleans the skin in depth, preserves its moisture content and makes it soft, elastic and smooth to the touch.

Naturally enriched with glycerin and "rose water", it is rich in active substances, which stimulate the regeneration and reinforces the functions of the skin.

It contains fragments of gentle exfoliating wheat and lavender buds with an exfoliating effect on the skin and eliminating dead skin during washing.

  • One shaving cream Rose of bulgaria 75 ml

For light, fast and pleasant shaving. Makes abundant and hard to dry up foam. It has pleasantly cooling effect and fragrance.

It contains natural rose water with anti bacterial and soothing properties like glycerin to soothed the skin after shaving.

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Gift set for men

Shaving cream is top ! thanks rose of bulgaria !

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Gift set 10 - Rose of bulgaria for men

Gift set 10 - Rose of bulgaria for men

Rose of Bulgaria "Original" gift set for men, contains 1 shower gel, 1 soap exfoliating, 1 shaving cream ...

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