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Rose oil for skin (roseotto) mixed with almond essential oil

Rose oil and rose absolute ?

Plenty of people buy without good advice on the web rose oil or roseotto or rose absolute, and they do not know really the safety considerations and risk for health or the main differences can exist between roseotto (pure rose oil) and rose absolute. That is why we work everyday to explain to our customers the several aspect of each point below.

I am not an english native, so forgive me if there is some small english mistakes, but for me it was very important to clarify rose oil aspect and i had to make it in english to touch the maximum person. I looked for some good articles about rose oil, but never i found in one article ; how to choice ; prices approx. and the how i can use it safety ...

Rose absolute

We do not sell or buy rose absolute because the process of extraction is toxic, no more comment, Farmers, industrial use solvent to extract the oil faster from the rose. That is also why the price is better than pure rose oil common named rose otto.
I dont have anymore comment on this kind of oil.

Rose oil or rose otto

The pure rose oil is extracted by steam process. So natural process and the oil keep all their proporties. See video if you wish :

Rose oil how to make it

Traditionally it is believed that Arab chemists were the first to find a way to produce useable perfume oils from roses. Today the best oil is produced in France and Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the largest producer of Rose Otto.

It takes approximately 60,000 roses to make one ounce of pure rose oil ?

Rose oil commands a very high price, because it is so hard to extract. So some people use to cheat with this, then you could find absolute rose oil as rose otto (pure rose oil) or rose oil mixed with other carrier oil. How to make the difference then ?

My first advice is to ask for one labotory certificate, but it can be fake of course. So the best way is to verify the point of solidification of your oil, pure rose oil extra will be solid between 16° Celsius up to 17,5 ° Celsius, if it is not the case it means your oil is not totally pure. It is very simple test.

Also the kilogram of pure rose oil is at this moment approx. 6000 € (7800 USD 1€ = $1.3). If you buy below this price it means the quality is not certified. The price is made by authorities.

The harvesting of the buds is done by hand before sunrise and the petals are used to create oil and scent extracts the very same day.

There are three current methods of getting oil out of the rose petals:

- We repeat here again : Extraction by a solvent (with analcohol mixture that is evaporated under low pressure, leaving the purescent extract behind)

- Extraction by steam distilling – using large stills filled with rose petals and water. The process we use.

- Extraction via superficial carbon dioxide – the most expensive method that uses a gas at normal pressures. But this method is not so common because of the price of extration.

The rose oil extracted from the rose petals is used for producing parfums, face, body and hand creams, massage oils etc. While the cost of rose oil is expensive, it only takes a drop or two for results.


Safety and conclusion

We repeat, pure rose oil on skin can be dangerous, specially on very sensitive skin like asian skin, so please when you buy pure rose oil please mix it with common almond oil. This is simple and fast. In bath or other application (without touching the skin) it is not important then to mix it.

Rose of bulgaria now deliver some direct rose oil mixed with virgin almond oil, and the price of course is much better but it means also that you can use pure rose oil in excellent conditions for your feet, hands, hips, breast or face, without problems.

If you buy pure rose oil please respect those safety consideration below :


Safety Considerations :

Rose oil is an active substance, so, 
Do not take essential oils internally.
Do not apply to eyes, sensitive areas or mucous membranes.
Do not apply undiluted to skin (for directions on proper dilution refer to an aromatherapy text). The information on this website is not intended to diagnose or prescribe.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should not use essential oils without first consulting an appropriately trained healthcare practitioner.


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