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Anti age cream ULTRA

Anti age cream ULTRA
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Item number : Rob005
Quantity : 50 ml
Frequency : Every day use
How to use : Apply with circular mouvement on all the face.
Price : 20.50 €
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WARNING : This cream is identical in wording to the classic anti-aging cream No. 3 "rose-of-bulgaria" but we have replaced the rose water by pure rose oil.


This cream is organic, it contains no artificial fragrances, colours or other conventional preservatives.

Bulgarian rose oil is the most precious, expensive and difficultly derived essential oil in nature. Because of its property to stabilize cell walls, it is among the major means to affect stressed, irritated and aging skin.

The special cream formula, containing pure bioactive essential rose oil, revitalizes and replenishes skin with vital energy. Combined with Q10, Vitamin and natural plant extras, it slows down the process of skin aging, regenerates and moisturizes, leaving skin radiant and refreshed. 

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