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Lilyrose eau de parfum launched in VIETNAM (17-07-2014)

Lilyrose eau de parfum from the brand Rbg Paris, made in FRANCE, will be launched in the 30 stores chain MEDICARE, from Hochiminh up to Hanoi, VIETNAM.

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History of rose oil and rose water production (26-01-2014)

Rose otto is the beautifully fragrant essential oil extracted from the species Rosa damascena, and it holds a special place in the hearts of all who love aromatherapy and natural perfumery. Rose otto (rose attar) or rose absolute, is the essential oil extracted from the petals of various types of rose. Rose ottos are extracted ...

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Density and technical parameters of bulgarian rose oil (22-10-2013)

Parameters of the bulgarian rose oil, roseoil, rose otto, roseotto. Rose oil is obtain by steam distillation of fresh rosa damasena petals. Bulgarian natural Rose oil (Rosa Damascena p. Miller) - organic, ecologically ethical and conventional. Bulgarian Rose oil, rose otto leads the world market and is the highest in quality pure essential oil obtained from the fresh flowers of the oil-bearing rose (Rosa damascena) through classical water-steam distillation method ....

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Pure bulgarian rose oil, rose otto, rose attar (03-04-2013)

Definition of pure bulgarian rose oil : Rose oil, meaning either rose otto (attar of rose, attar of roses) or rose absolute (even absolute means not natural steam extraction), is the essential oil extracted from the row petals of various types of rose (rosa damascena is used in Bulgaria, but it can be rose centifolia like in south of France) ....

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Magic of the damascena rose water (12-02-2013)

... the natural rose water is colorless ! Make sure that the product you are buying is 100% natural pure Bulgarian rose water. So, when you are already sure you have in your hands real pure natural rose water, you can use it in many different ways. ...

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Lilyrose, eau de parfum, the movie (06-02-2013)

Lilyrose the new rose perfume of Rbg Paris, lily rose born the 26th June 2012 in south of France, manufacture in France with rose, jasmin sambac, vanilla & passion fruit.

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Libido, sexuality and pure rose oil (12-01-2013)

Natural libido enhancer exists, you can try it now ... pure rose oil is recommended for women who find it difficult to reach orgasm and whose low sex drive or libido is linked with lack of self-confidence or with menstrual problems. It is also beneficial for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. rose oil is your solution possible.

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The new perfume Lilyrose of ROSE of BULGARIA (04-04-2012)

The secret of Lilyrose ...

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Rose oil for skin (roseotto) mixed with almond essential oil (03-04-2012)

Rose oil and rose absolute ? Plenty of people buy without good advice on the web rose oil or roseotto or rose absolute, and they do not know really the safety considerations and risk for health or the main differences can exist between roseotto (pure rose oil) and rose absolute. That is why we work everyday to explain to our customers the several aspect of each point below. I am not an english native, so forgive me if there is some small english mistakes, but for me it was very important to clarify rose oil aspect and i had to make it in english to touch the maximum person. I looked for some good articles about rose oil, but never i found in one article ; how to choice ; prices approx. and the how i can use it safety ...

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The many practical uses of rose oil and rose water for a better well being (24-02-2012) makes out the wellness of the rose of bulgaria on your skin, anti aging, rose water, damask rose oil and rose essential oil from the rosa damascena and rose otto. Discover more of how Rose of Bulgaria cosmetics can help to have a youthful skin.

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Rose otto (rose oil) and menauposal medecine ? (12-11-2011)

Rose oil (otto) and benefits for ladies, for stress, anxiety, menopausal symptoms or menstrual cramps.

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Rose Oil Benefits (25-05-2011)

Rose oil benefits, ROSE OTTO (ROSE OIL), though it may seem counter-intuitive, rose otto is the more expensive of the two, sometimes called attar of roses, it has been used since ancient times. It is usually extracted by steam distillation from Rosa damascena, the Damask Rose (occasionallyRosa centifolia, sometimes called Rose Maroc) and is a pale yellow or olive green oil with a very rich, spicy floral scent.

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Romantic candlelight dinner for Valentine’s Day (14-02-2011)

Creating a romantic candlelight dinner for your partner is the best way to show them your love and express your feelings! This is the perfect day of the year to surprise your loved ones.

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Rose oil hand made video in bulgaria (07-12-2010)

We make one kilo of pure rose oil extract with 1000 kilograms of rose petals collected by hand, please see this video that you can understand the process of production. After rose oil is collected we mixt rose oil inside our natural cosmetics ...

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Did you know how the rose oil is made? (23-11-2010)

Traditionally it is believed that Arab chemists were the first to find a way to produce useable perfume oils from roses.

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Day and night cream age control (21-11-2010)

We have just created two new creams, day cream and night cream made of damask rose oil  to complement our product line and meet the growing demands of our clients. Both products are paraben free.

I invite you to find out these products by clicking on the links below.

The day cream:
Night Cream:

Our kind regards
The rose of bulgaria Team

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Why use Organic skin products? (05-11-2010)

In an effort to protect their hair, skin, nails from the harmful chemicals, a lot of people have begun to switch to organic hair products as well as organic skin products.

Organic products use natural ingredients, mostly from plants, without artificial additives.

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How to protect your skin in winter days (15-10-2010)

The winter months are coming and you already know that the skin needs extra care in winter days.

Cold temperatures and indoor heating make a bad combination and leave the skin dry and rough.

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Relaxation with essential oils (06-10-2010)

Although forgotten and put back in the past, the essential oils and grandma’s recipes seem to get more and more attention in the past decades with their use in the aromatherapy.


If you wonder how to relax and have a pleasant evening after a stressing day, maybe you should try some of the fragrances of the essential oils.

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New : hand cream total control with Q10 (29-09-2010)

Please find out our new hand cream with Q10 effect, PARABEN free, click this link below
The rose of bulgaria team

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The benefits of the rose water on your skin (28-09-2010)

The Rose – the queen of flowers is an eternal symbol of beauty and love. It is well known among all nations in the world for its beauty but also for its healing effects on the skin.

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Rose Face Oil Recipe (22-09-2010)

Rose oil used on the face has anti-aging properties.

The everyday use can help the redness and the broken capillaries.

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Coenzyme Q10 (21-09-2010)

In our creams "Rose of bulgaria" we use the co-enzyme Q10, anti-aging cream No. 3

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Holydays (21-07-2010)

Just to inform our customers our shop will be closed from the 5th to the 18th august 2010 for holydays.

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Rbg paris - rose of bulgaria, rose otto, rose picture collections (16-07-2010)

See the best pictures of our products

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